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  1. I'm so sorry. We hope in a future to give more satoshis. Right now, Adsense doesn't paid me, and I haven't got more money..., because of this, we are giving only 240 satoshis each 120 min
  2. Again I apologize for the safety limit we have set. It's not something I like. Since we have set, we have dropped the number of visits. I hope that by mid-month, I will get a payment of Adsense and then I will remove the limite. I'll report on the situation. Again, I'm so sorry.
  3. We have added new ads of other platforms. I hope not prove very annoying. We will recharge the faucet tomorrow. Kind regards^^
  4. First of all, I would like to thank users of this forum for supporting. Just for that, it was worth opening the faucet a few days ago. I'd be lying if I told you I did not expect to turn a profit. Just with few pains of profit a month, I had been happy. The objectives of opening my faucet, were the following: - With the little money that i will be earn, save to go to college. - I know the situation there is in many countries, and I thought it might be a good idea give satoshis to all people who needed for whatever reason. I thought this was going to be easier, but it is not. We have liquidity problems, we have a high losses, that makes to have to put a limit. Every half hour, we pay a maximum of 9750 satoshis. Whatever happens, again many thanks, heartfelt thanks.
  5. We have tripled the losses. So far, we have lowered the referral commission. Sadly, if we continue having losses, this weekend will close the faucet. We are so sorry... Kind regards
  6. We have banned some IP that we believed that they were using proxy. It is difficult to know who is doing a lawful or unlawful use of the faucet. So, if someone of this forum or some visitor who reads this forum have been banned by an error, send me a private message immediately. Kind regards ^^
  7. Thanks so much for your suggestion^^ I'm going to talk with the friend with whom I created the faucet to take a decision.. We want to be a different faucet. In fact, right now we are suffering losses. We have not received so far any profit.
  8. I'm open to suggestions. What do you think is a good reward and time? Sorry I can not speak Russian. I don't know Russian.
  9. Здра́вствуйте :) I'm the admin of MeadowBTC. I will be here to help us in all what you need. I know that 200 satoshis is not enough. We open the faucet yesterday, and we hope to get enough money of the advertisement to improve the faucet, adding more satoshis as reward.
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