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  1. Aligatocoin.io has big plans, with how much their ICO has already made I wouldn't be surprised if they could bring in the right people to actually pull it off. Aligatocoin has trademarked their proprietary Pay via Eye system. Haven't seen this technology anywhere else before.
  2. GoBelle

    Thoughts on Photochain?! :D

    Have any fellow photographers or crypto investors in general looked at photochain yet? They're putting copyrights on the blockchain and forming a secure P2P marketplace.
  3. I believe there's space for a few...but I am betting big on Waves for a few reasons: 1. It's the only decentralized exchange that has fiat gateways. 2. Their smart contracts are working right now on the testnet, and they'll have Turing-complete smart contracts on the mainnet by the end of the year. 3. Its consensus algorithm, LPoS, does more than 100tps right now, and this number can be expanded greatly (it's actually the only crypto-project using LPoS; it has shown that it can stay decentralized). 4. Transaction costs are very low and this won't change, because the fee is fixed. Right now they cost around $0.0045 per transaction, therefore with $1 you can do 222 transactions. 5. The token creation is done via their main client, which is actually by far the most user friendly and featured wallet out there. Just try it and you'll probably end up agreeing with me. Do your own research as always, as this is just my opinion.
  4. GoBelle

    Thoughts on City of Eden??

    I like investing in projects that are actually working on viable solutions to solve real world problems. One of the projects I believe is successfully achieving this is City of Eden. It’s a community of talented engineers residing in the same place and working together on Blockchain, Aerospace, Med/Bio Tech & Renewables solutions that are fully open sourced. There is an actual use for the token as token holders are actually given access first to early adopter products and can purchase products with the tokens.
  5. GoBelle

    What are your thoughts on gold backed crypto?

    I think I might have actually found a decent ICO. Pecunio is making the gold standard by bringing gold backed cryptocurrency. They were also recently invited to Nasdaq for an interview, so I think this gives it a bit more credibility. Has anyone taken a look at it or invested in any gold backed crypto? What are your thoughts on the concept of gold backed crypto? On the verge of investing but want further insight.
  6. GoBelle

    Has anyone tried out the RewardMob app?

    Seems like a pretty cool app where you can play mobile sports and win prizes. Haven't tried it out though..Anyone else have?
  7. GoBelle

    Thoughts on the Pitch Investors Live app?

    I found an interesting project trying to sell fantasy sports tokens on the Pitch investors live app. Has anyone used this platform before?
  8. GoBelle

    Any thoughts on Waves?

    Seems like Waves is gaining more attention recently. I’m a coder, so I naturally look at developer activity first and so far it is one of the top platforms in this aspect (https://github.com/wavesplatform, https://github.com/PyWaves) which is pretty impressive. Their 2018 roadmap is also looking great and it is overall faster and easier to launch a token on than Ethereum: https://hackernoon.com/waves-waves-your-blockchain-token-in-one-minute-9733dfef98c8. I think Waves is already a big competitor to Ethereum and will be even more so when their turing complete smart contracts are done (end of 2018). It am currently loading up on Waves as I believe it will do at least a 10x this year.
  9. GoBelle

    Opinions on TrueReply ICO?

    I've been looking into a few ICOs lately, one of them is TrueReply. I think they have a pretty good idea – they let you take voice based surveys to earn crypto. It has to be through an Amazon Alexa powered device though. But since almost everyone owns one of these devices nowadays, I believe this will help more people get into the crypto space without risk. The skill has already been enabled on Alexa as well, so it's not one of those scammy ICOs without any working product.
  10. Currently using Blockfolio, but it has been buggy lately and is limited only to portfolio tracking. Found coinloop.io, they have a so called “one stop dashboard” with portfolio tracking, trade signals, and other stuff but what really puts me off from using it is they don’t have a mobile app. I don’t mind using a desktop site but most of the time I’m on the road. Anyone know of a good tool like this one but preferably with a mobile app?
  11. GoBelle

    Anyone into the etherbots game?

    I seriously think this game will surpass the cryptokitties craze as it involves building and battling robots and even lets you get a gold lambo if you get lucky when buying a crate. Also looks like it can bring some good profit with 20% increase in price after launch.. Has anyone looked into it yet?
  12. GoBelle

    Has anyone heard about Pinkdate?

    After reading the whitepaper, watching the demo, and discussing with the team I'm baffled at how little known Pinkdate is. They have everything you could want for a business idea. There's a huge demand, huge potential, and an elegantly simple solution. They take something most of us are familiar with, a dating app layout. You just open their app, and scroll until you see the woman of your dreams and then you swipe. This brings a professional, clean, beautiful woman straight to your door fully aware of your desires and needs. The problem they're solving is the anonymity legal grey area. You don't exchange money with the woman at all. It's very difficult for police to catch you paying for sex if you're never even seen paying! Keep in mind anonymous cryptocurrencies like Monero also make it very difficult to see who you're paying and nearly impossible to tell what you're paying for. From the outside it looks like you're just on a dating app. Thousands of men, and the escorts they're meeting, go to jail every day for solicitation. This app will change the industry forever, and that's not even the best part... The best part is the profit sharing they're offering. They're using smart contracts to automatically pay out 50% of all their profits spread evenly to their customer base.
  13. GoBelle

    What do you think about Upfiring?

    This is their website: https://www.upfiring.com They are currently in the process of building the Desktop app which should be released in Q4 of this year. Their project is pretty unique - it's similar to SoulSeekQT and uTorrent, but uses the blockchain and Upfire tokens (UFR) to compensate seeders when their files are downloaded. As far as I know, it's a unique concept that isn't being done by any other projects in the crypto space. Opinions?
  14. This spreadsheet has taken months to put together. It currently has a complete analysis of 61 upcoming ICO's, and 40 past ICO's that we can use as a gauge for future performance. It ranks coins by over 30 different categories to give you a complete analysis score of the project. To get access to this (along with a 58 page ebook and a daily update on trades/ICO analysis and relevant news/ catalysts) head to https://cryptowhale.co/chat You can choose to join via FB messenger or Telegram depending on your preferences. Then just message the admin saying that you're from this forum, and he'll send you the download link. It is some work indeed, but it's worth it. And we're adding more people to the network, so it's a win for us as well.
  15. GoBelle

    Official PM&GoBelle Thread; all related news, ads, contests, giveaways go here

    TLDR: You can now use cryptocurrency to buy Reddit/HN/Quora upvotes, downvotes, comments or posts, and other efficient marketing services. I recommend buying Reddit upvotes from upvotes.club and multiple other services for off-site SEO, product/service launches, qualified traffic, Voat, news.ycombinator.com, Quora, GrowthHackers, Snapzu, TopTopic, and so on. They can help increase your PeopleRank on Quora (the importance of your account in a topic determines how high your answers will be positioned for questions in that topic). They also provide downvotes, comments and posts (and not just on Reddit). Great company and ultimately knowledgeable and down-to-earth guys providing a swift 24/7 service with their personal accounts. Since this sector of marketing where they operate is inundated with nonsense and pretend services, they're quite a breath of fresh air. Actually... what sector of digital marketing is NOT inundated with such time wasters? Entrepreneurs should know what I'm talking about; most marketing companies - especially the ones for SEO, PR and traffic - will simply fail badly. Hopefully no-one was disturbed by this message and maybe it will even help a few business owners and content creators (for blog posts, articles, videos, music, game fan content, any content really) from around here. As a small review: I bought the managed traffic service from them a while back and they were able to provide for my website around 47k clicks in one month (it looked quite good in UA), which is crazy. It wasn't anything black-hat or automated either; the visitors came from social media posts (Reddit and around 20 other websites), and subscription lists. I didn't specifically buy Reddit upvotes from them (the thing they're most known for), but I have friends that did and they've been beyond satisfied. They also writing informative articles touching on real marketing challenges on their blog. For example, the last one is related to the many Fiverr scams that reside in their "Digital Marketing" category. I myself have bought from Fiverr almost 10 times in the past, and the sellers from there - when it comes to marketing - are experts in making you believe that they've actually done something. The results don't come, not a day later and not a month later. Don't trust Fiverr, and don't trust the marketing services posted there. You'll just lose your time and money. Thanks for reading! Disclaimer: I'm getting a free service from them for posting this. I'm not affiliated with them, but I truly consider their services top notch.
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