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  1. Ага. Вы раздали много-много своих монеток простым трейдерам, а они все их продали? Что привело к мгновенному падению курса. Может быть надо было раздавать меньше монет в одни руки?
  2. Пара вопросов. Во первых чего Вы хотели и что в итоге? А во вторых, как сделать такой IEO TREMISS?
  3. Криптопия ффсе https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/
  4. Походу все, сдохла. --------------------------------------------------------- Press release Cryptopia Limited appoints Grant Thornton as liquidators 15 May 2019 David Ruscoe and Russell Moore from Grant Thornton New Zealand were yesterday appointed liquidators of Cryptopia Limited, a New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange based in Christchurch. The highly publicised hack of Cryptopia’s exchange in January 2019 had a severe impact on the company’s trade. Despite the efforts of management to reduce cost and return the business to profitability, it was decided the appointment of liquidators was, in the best interests of customers, staff and other stakeholders. The liquidators are focused on securing the assets for the benefit of all stakeholders. While this process and investigations take place, trading on the exchange is suspended. “We realise Cryptopia’s customers will want to have this matter resolved as soon as possible. We will conduct a thorough investigation, working with several different stakeholders including management and shareholders, to find the solution that is in the best interests of customers and stakeholders,” says David Ruscoe. “Given the complexities involved we expect the investigation to take months rather than weeks.” The liquidators are also working with independent experts and the relevant authorities with regards to the company’s obligations. Grant Thornton will be contacting all customers and suppliers about its appointment in the next few days. An initial report will be available on the New Zealand Companies Office website next week. No further comment will be made until more information is available. Further enquiries, please email [email protected]
  5. Все тихо и неторопливо. Это походу эстонская биржа, а не новозеландская.
  6. А паспорт не спрашивают?
  7. Открыли ввод-вывод биткоина, лайта и доги
  8. Биржик оживает, но медленно и уныло. Ввод-вывод по прежнему не включен. Печаль
  9. Полезно сделать кнопку "Удалить все ставки" для каждой валютной пары. Ну как на hitbtc.com Удобно
  10. Господь меня помиловал, ибо надоумил вывести бапке еще неделю назад. Слава Богу! Бегом быстренько
  11. Сложилось впечатление, что монетки в ордерах остались не тронутыми. Так, на будущее
  12. Такая же примерно картина. ДАПС не тронули, ждемсс
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