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  1. System Maintenance We are currently performing some maintenance and backend changes on the site. Website will be in maintenance mode during this period.
  2. @malyan, Да успокойся ничего не украдина всё будет на месте нужно время и всё будет okey
  3. @Asatur, криптси вернётся общался с верном будет работать в штатном режиме но без выводов и современим установят минималку.
  4. Не всё так плохо. – Update 2016/01/15 7:31pm – I will be posting transaction ID’s for other alt coins soon. Updates will be appended to this post. We are clearing out the order books for now and placing all funds back into user accounts. Because of the phishing attempt earlier this week, we are performing a forced password reset on all accounts upon next login. We are getting some helpful information to our reward email and want to thank all who are helping to find the culprit. The vast majority of our users want the Cryptsy exchange to continue operating. Many are suggesting other options other than the 3 mentioned above: 4. Spread the loss to all users in the system and allow trades to continue. 5. Restrict withdrawals on short balanced coins, allowing withdrawals on a first come, first serve basis upon availability. 6. Place existing user balances of BTC, LTC into a frozen state and release funds as they become available from fees collected. 7. Find an investor or group who wish to invest into the operations or provide a loan. In any case, it is our intent to get every user their funds. Depending on what option or combination of options we end up doing, this may take some time. I’m seeking known leaders in the community who want to participate in an advisory board on how we can keep Cryptsy operational for the users. – Update 2016/01/16 12:38am – Here are the transactions from the LTC wallet: http://ltc.blockr.io/tx/info/61e61a63f35c951a16870df9e0a34df462ee473fde819d134da9485d2e7d8f44 They moved about a year later, so that movement may help with tracking
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