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  1. RT @bitcoingold: Today, Bitcoin Gold turns 18 days old. #BTG #1CPU1VOTE https://t.co/bghaxuR3uK

  2. RT @adam3us: https://t.co/guapVuaYsh to denounce "Segwit2x" https://t.co/HWyWL7ZMYL Reddit discussion https://t.co/osYO5lbt4w

  3. RT @syscoin: The next generation of Syscoin will be able to run Ethereum smart contracts. But with much cheaper SYS as gas. https://t.co/Ky…

  4. Dash Delivers Decentralized Governance System as “Superblocks” Pass Through Blockchain http://t.co/iWwyoTeEPT


    http://t.co/0VmJajGuPe starts accepting Bitcoin payment for encrypted cloud storage and file sharing - NEWSBTC http://t.co/SMbhuc7gvI


  6. RT @nxtinfoorg: Chip in and leave your ideas for a newly designed $NXT homepage! https://t.co/6rgHNa7Rmi #nxter #fintech #java #php http://…

  7. Есть такая монета, NuBits называется. Поддерживается курс 1:1 к доллару, через трейд ботов на биржах.
  8. RT @nxtinfoorg: Online version of the $NXT client available without #blockchain download http://t.co/aovpQlYOeG #nxter @NxtCommunity http:/…

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