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  1. First Doubled Payment successfully sent! Thank you for participating in our Project. Best Regards InstantHash
  2. If you still haven't joined us, don't worry, we are not going anywhere, we have just started! So get yourself doubled whenever you have the feeling to try us out! Best Regards InstantHash
  3. Thank you everyone for the ongoing support of our project in the first day. We can see that there are still few who won't trust us no matter what, Let the time do it's job, and we will gain more active members. Best Regards InstantHash
  4. Unfortunately , but i will have to say no, we won't be able to post anything you requested. It's privacy policy that we cannot undergo just because someone doesn't take us seriously. Every business would tell you the same. This is not a court of law for anyone to try to show of what they do or don't have. Strict rules apply to every business. Confidentiality strictly applies for all of our investors + our workers. Best Regards InstantHash
  5. Compared to other doubling systems that run as a pyramid ponzi scheme, we do not go that road. Our business module has been planned out long before we launched InstantHash today. Every cent we get as an investment from you, we put forward as an investment of our own in different projects + mining, so when for you it's double the return, for us it's quadruple the return after our work every day. So yes, we have planned everything out to sustain our growth together with our investors. Regards InstantHash.
  6. We do have reserves that will cover more than few months of investments, even if we do not get a regular income from the project. Under the skin, we are a team of bitcoin miners with a professional setup + we do invest in other projects and have other projects of our own, That's why we are so confident that InstantHash will run for a long period of time. We have already planned the next steps to improve and upgrade our system and our website functionality. There will be more functions, that will bring higher income to us and to our clients. Slowly going step , by step further to accomplish our goals. Best Regards InstantHash
  7. We are based in United Kingdom, and yes, we apologize but we do not know Russian. But that doesn't mean that we wouldn't want to promote our project on your forum, as it is bitcoin based. Currently we are using google translate to answer your questions. Regards InstantHash
  8. We are not here to fight. There is no obligation to join InstantHash. Never spend your money if you don't trust someone, So let us spend our money and just use our bonus offer to get yourself free 0.10$, can't loose there. Best Regards InstantHash
  9. You are welcome to wait as many days as needed to gain our trust. Our business module is not on how many days we can hold the site up, but on how well planned is the structure of the project before we launched it. We have made our reserves and our team of crypto-currency traders have worked long before we launched instanthash, just to make sure that we can handle every aspect of the project. Instanthash system compared to other doubling systems is maximized in quality & security to sustain itself even in most critical times. Best Regards InstantHash.
  10. InstantHash.com - Double your Bitcoins in 24 hours. - Automated Payouts Удвоить свои Bitcoins в 24 часов. - Автоматизированные Выплаты Double the Cash, without the rush! Payouts are automated - every doubled payment will be transfered instantly, exactly after 24h Выплаты автоматизированы - каждый в два раза оплаты будут переведены мгновенно, точно через 24 часа How is this possible? All profits are generated by crypto-currency trading & mining. We have made a huge reserve-fund of Bitcoins & all payments will continue even if the market is unstable. System is developed in a way, that there can not be any kind of failures. We dedicated a lot of resources to make this system maximized in quality & security. We are constantly working on new features & updates, which means you will see many improvements coming out constantly. What do i have to do to join? It's plain simple, visit our website and transfer your preferred amount of BTC to the wallet listed and get twice the investment back in 24 hours automatically! There is no minimum and no maximum. Это ясно простая, посетите наш веб-сайт и передать нужный объем БТД в бумажник, перечисленных и получить в два раза инвестиции обратно в 24 часов автоматически! Там нет минимального и максимального то, что вы можете инвестировать InstantHash.com - Join Today and get our bonus offer! Присоединяйтесь сегодня и получите бонусный скидку!
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