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  1. We are glad to announce the first ever open-source exchange app on the main F-Droid repository - eXch on F-Droid It has unique and privacy-enhancing features such as: - Native proxy support (SOCKS5 and HTTP) - Switching between the clearnet (exch.cx) and .onion domain (hszyoqwrcp7cxlxnqmovp6vjvmnwj33g4wviuxqzq47emieaxjaperyd.onion) - Import your current active orders into the app to track them inside the app - Automatically check for order updates in background periodically, sending you a notification of the new state or error - Automatically check for order support chat messages, sending you a notification when there's a new message - Automatically request for order data to be deleted when the order is completed - Allows you to keep the order data locally on your phone indefinitely - Allows you to set an api key for requests (if you have one) - Allows you to choose whether to use the onion address for connections or not - The app is completely open source - The app doesn't track you
  2. We have relaunched our platform under a new domain: exch.cx Exchange cryptocurrencies instantly without registration. Currencies available for automatic exchange: * Bitcoin * Bitcoin Lightning * Litecoin * Ethereum * Monero * Dash * DAI [ERC20] * USDC [ERC20] * USDT [ERC20] Currencies to be added this month: * Stellar * Cardano * Ripple * Algorand Important: 1. All the nodes and wallets our users interact with belong to us and we are fully responsible for users funds. We do not use third-party markets/exchanges nor resell APIs. 2. Note that our old domain (exch[dot]cc) is not operating anymore nor belong to us.
  3. eXch is an automatic cryptocurrency exchanger, accepting Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. Why to use our service: - Fully automatic exchanges that take less than 1 minute to complete - No hidden fees - Flat (1%) and Dynamic (0.5%) rate modes - No JavaScript, no Cloudflare - We don't collect users metadata - Automatic refunds - No registration required Contact information: Open a support ticket on our site: https://exch.cx/support All operations are done immediately and you will not be confused about amounts. Our current domain: exch.cx
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