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  1. @Avto33mag Its highly unlikely to happen. My order is pending from last 3 months and 0.18538 BTC now worth more than double compare to the price at the time of order. I don't think its even feasible for him and I don't see any effort or willingness to pay from his side since last 2 months.
  2. 2 Months yet order not completed and moderators not marking this exchanger as a scam. Many other users are having same issue. Any help is appreciated.
  3. @Helber Why can't you mark this exchanger as a scam or what stopping you? Many users are having the same issues and orders are not completed from months. As I notice that if some other exchangers have some issue with some use, then moderators are starting attacking like rabid dogs so what's special about this exchanger?
  4. Almost 2 months waiting for my money and exchanger delaying it deliberately(proof included in above posts). I don't know why forum admin and moderators not taking serious action again this service. It clear that exchanger is lying and deceitful, I also provide all the proof and comments from exchange. @polym0rph @Helber recalculation doesn't mean anything if you are not willing to pay @MegaXChange
  5. @polym0rph @Helber admins will you take any serious action against this exchanger. @MegaXChange Return my money in 24hrs or you will have bad reviews all over the internet and file a police complain against you.
  6. Scammer: https://megaxchange.cash Almost 1 and half month yet my order was not fulfilled. Fake promises, now not replying at all. https://forum.bits.media/index.php?/topic/34556-%D0%B2%D1%80%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%BD%D1%8B%D0%B5-%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BC%D1%8B-megaxchange-%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%8F%D1%82%D1%8C-bitcoin-perfect-money-payeer-nixmoney-%D0%B8-%D1%8F%D0%BD%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%81%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%8C%D0%B3%D0%B8/page/9/
  7. 1 month and 10 days passed, yet order not completed. Placed order on 28 Sept 2020. 0.18538 BTC to 2010 Advcash USD - Состояние заявки #102205 On the website, it was mentioned that order will be completed automatically after 1 confirmation(yet showing same notification on the order page). 1 Confirmation was done in around 40 minutes after payment but then the order was recalculated to 2005 USD and status was changed to “Ваша заявка обрабатывается оператором” https://www.megaxchange.cash/step3/hst_ucbeqfmktmw5s9zfnoxtcwlkyqmeur41zbm/ Then I try to contact him over ICQ, Skype and email but no reply despite being online on ICQ. https://gyazo.com/264ad7bccdb808ce7cd0810dda8f45fe So I wrote negative reviews on ExchangersMonitor and kurs.expert but there was no response so I wrote on bits.media forum and got a reply via email. In the email he tries to blackmail indirectly(by referring to the rules which himself also don’t follow) by asking to remove negative comments first then he will fulfil the order and if I comment on form he will deliberately delay the order. https://gyazo.com/3c0fc7f4f9890e33362feab06d38b90e So deleted the negative review from exchangersmonitor and neutralized negative review on kurs.expert, then contact him again and he said he will complete the order as soon as they solve the issue with payment. https://gyazo.com/4bfad8578d404057d77dd8eec347ac5a https://gyazo.com/a8cf33e34ce0f1e88ddfc59d8963fa13 Then on the forum, he mentioned that he lost access to the server. So I was like okay maybe you lost access to server but what about access to wallets, losing access to all wallet together doesn’t make sense. Then I checked bits.media thread and found he is making the same excuse from last 6 months or so and other users also have similar issues with his service. So I requested a refund. It also mentioned in the Rules: “Rules 5.2. В случае, когда титульные знаки не отправляются Исполнителем на указанные реквизиты Заказчика в течение 24 часов, Заказчик имеет полное право потребовать расторжение соглашения и аннулировать свою заявку, тем самым совершая возврат титульных знаков на свой счет в полном объеме.” https://gyazo.com/86392648d2ebe7405d15a4967d71f5dc But there is was no answer from him about the refund request and he was not giving clear answers. So I wrote to AdvCash support and he(megaxchange) told to AdvCash that he will complete my order on 13 Oct (15Days from the date of order). I waited for 13 Oct and contact him on 13 Oct then he said he doesn’t have enough funds but he recalculated to 2050 USD. Yet his website show there is more than 930000 Advcash USD available(even today) He said he lost access to server and wallet so no idea how he was able to recalculate it. Then later on 13 Oct received 340 USD to AdvCash wallet. And he said he will send more on 14 Oct afternoon. Then later on 14 he said “Сегодня наверное уже не получится (хотя кто знает...). Завтра вечером точно будет ещё перевод.” But nothing was received. I was following through email then on 16 Oct he said “Постараемся. Вы всё сделали сами, чтобы это затянулось. Больше писанины - меньше внимания.” (Again indirect indication of blackmailing and deliberately delaying order.) https://gyazo.com/1a955c25883e4822803f26d43f02c3ab (At this point 19days passed from the date of order) So I replied his email and this was the his answer(A tantrum) “Кто вас шантажирует? Кому вы нужны? Ваши писульки просто надоедают и бесят своей неадекватностью! Сегодня не ваш день - частичная выплата будет снова любому другому клиенту кроме вас. Можете занести это в журнал, можете уписаться журналами на форумах, в платежках и везде где пожелаете! Ничем вас жизнь не учит! :(” https://gyazo.com/e8c9b2446631d607c534974f1c4d462e This is how megaexchange treat their customers. If he can’t keep his credential safe is that my problem? I just wanted my money which I entrusted to megaxchange.cash After some back and forth he said he will complete the full order (100%) on 20 Oct. https://gyazo.com/22281e37c0b545e799e43fa41291c910 So I waited for until 20 Oct without any communication or comments. On 20 oct got a single line reply “Я не забыл про вас, просто пока не получил перевод. Я в принципе не сплю, сразу как придет - отправлю.” But not a dime was received. (22 Days and yet order is pending). So emailed him again on 21 and 22 Oct and commented on bits.media thread on 1 Nov but yet no reply at all. He is deliberately delaying the payment or doesn’t want to pay at all. He was making excuses to buy time so more users can fall for his con. As of today 1 Month and 10 days passed. In this long time, he can’t regain access to his server and wallet? Why can’t he refund or process the order with other currency? That same 0.18538 BTC now worth 2878.21 USD. @MegaXChange @polym0rph @Helber
  8. @polym0rph @MegaXChange 1 Month 4 days passed, yet order not completing, not replying email anymore. When ask about money start blackmailing and throw tantrums. https://www.megaxchange.cash/step3/hst_ucbeqfmktmw5s9zfnoxtcwlkyqmeur41zbm/ I will post everything in details tomorrow or day after.
  9. @MegaXChange Application was recalculated on 13 Oct and total amount was 2050. From which only 340 USD received after 15days from the date of order. now 18days passed yet pending 1710 USD
  10. @MegaXChange Hello, Today is 13 Oct, yet no information about order processing or refund. Will you be able to solve it today? It been 15days passed which is long time for processing a small transaction. Please process the transaction at updated rates or refund it to BTC address 3BgkRyj698WAJrNSnKwgsUWtWjtGXLZQHn (0.18538) in full.
  11. Initially in your first email you asked to remove comments before processing refund and now you are paying no priorities will be given to those to complained more, isn't that indirect blackmailing? Advcash support said that you told them that you will process it by 13 Oct 2020, so that will be more than 15days from the date of order, why you need 15days for a simple order?
  12. @MegaXChange You keep telling in "near future" that is not a clear answer, tell us exact time. As goodwill gesture i also removed the negative review but didn't get a suitable answer from you so i have to warn as many people as i can. I said it before, i have to intention scare or threaten anyone but i just want to recover my money and negative comment will be removed or updated once i get my money back. You have my money and now blackmailing me, why don't you refund or complete order so we both don't have to waste our time. I asked you questions above but never got a clear answer. As i said before all this could be avoided if you can solve it soon. 10days is not enough to process an order or refund it. ?
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