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  1. As I know, VIC Rewards is a reward point program product based on a true utility token (VIC – Vitality Coin) by dClinic to operate in the Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) ecosystem around the world. What is VIC Rewards? The VIC Rewards Program is designed to reward Consumers, and Care Team members alike for adherence to and participation in their vitality plans to help them achieve a better healthier outcome, and therefore, to reduce healthcare costs worldwide. Not only do they benefit you as individuals, but they can benefit your family, caregivers, and your entire community. It also helps reduce healthcare costs for governments and healthcare. VIC Rewards can improve medical outcomes in many ways. In fact, VIC suggests that the most perfect use of Crypto is in the healthcare space where tokens have the real opportunity to provide true utility and value. As a world leader in providing true utility, VIC Rewards will offer the following value propositions to VIC holders, namely; Ø VIC can be used for products and services within the dClinic PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain) eco-systems which are being created in the ASEAN region in the first instance, Ø VIC can be traded with other partner utility tokens in these eco-systems, and Ø VIC will have a yearly guarantee buy-back option based on exchange valuations. For Investors VIC Rewards, rewards Consumers and Care Team members with Services and Products, for participating in, and adhering to, their health, wellbeing and vitality plans, being operated within the dClinic's PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain) Eco-Systems worldwide. VIC Rewards, also rewards Investors with yearly buy-back options. How do you benefit from VIC reward tokens? Ø VIC Rewards will be used for part of or wholly for products and services in the PHB Eco-System Marketplaces. Ø Products and Services will be charged for a certain number of VIC regardless of the daily value of the VIC. This creates true utility through stability of currency value for the VIC. Ø VIC will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the PHB Eco-Systems. VIC will leverage dClinic’s success. VIC is linked to a successful business and business model. Ø VIC will have huge exposure through the PHB Eco-System and clients. VIC will not be an obscure token, rather, VIC will be pervasive. Ø VIC will be listed and managed only on reputable exchanges where the PHB ECO-System is implemented (ASEAN region first where there are a huge number of crypto traders). So more info you can simply visit at https://vicrewards.io
  2. Demonstrated that JASMY is the world's leading Internet of Things platform. Platform Jasmy is an IoT provider whose mission is to create an optimal platform that customers around the world can easily, safely and securely use. Internet of Things Platform Benefits Ø IoT devices can be used to implement Smart Home. Ø IoT devices used for monitoring the things in the industrial sector. Ø IoT can be used to collect data from different devices and generating alerts in case of any threshold. Ø Intelligence Industries. Ø In healthcare, IoT can be used to monitor patients remotely and do the needful treatment from the remote location. What is Centrality delivering for Jasmy? Centrality is delivering 3 bespoke solutions: • Secure Knowledge Communicator (SKC) Ø A customer support solution that is secured on a private blockchain ledger which protects users’ personal data and providing agents with verified information, without storing customer information. • Smart Guardian (SG) Ø An automation system that secures home and lifestyle IoT devices to individuals’ digital identities. • A data marketplace Ø A new way for customers to interact and utilise their data. As Jasmy believes that data created should belong to the consumer, the data marketplace will offer customers the ability to earn rewards from the data they create while using the Jasmy Platform. In these uncertain times of the COVID-19 crisis, they have decided to distribute $10M worth of JASMY COIN as a free airdrop campaign scheduled to take place in July, 2020. This Offer ends June 31, 2020 They provides users with an ultra-secure multi-currency wallet with easy and fast transactions and support for BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP and ERC-20 tokens.Only you are in control of your funds and it will always be secure. For more info you can visit at www.fg-wallet.com So more info you can simply visit at Jasmy Airdrop Official Telegram Channel https://t.me/jasmy_airdrop
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