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  1. Hello community BULL! We want to announce important information to you.We decided on the exchange, our choice is the Sistemcoin exchange.We will start with an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). Minimum price 1 BULL = 0.0025 BTCOnly 500 BULL will be put for salehttps://sistemkoin.com/ieo/token/BULL Sistemcoin is in the top 50 Coinmarketcap.This is a very large exchange, we believe that this will give a good impetus for BULL.After completion of IEO, trading will be open.
  2. Official Website: http://buysellcoin.org/ Whitepaper:http://buysellpay.org/BuySellCoin-WP.pdf GitHub: : https://github.com/buysellcoin/buysellcoin Windows Wallet: https://github.com/buysellcoin/buysellcoin/raw/master/releases/ Linux Wallet: https://github.com/buysellcoin/buysellcoin/raw/master/releases/ Linux Daemon:: https://github.com/buysellcoin/buysellcoin/raw/master/releases/ Coinmarketcap:: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/buysell/ Twitter:: https://twitter.com/buysell_coin Discord:: https://discord.gg/2NSgmyC Explorer :: http://buysellcoin.org:3001/ Coinpaprika:: https://coinpaprika.com/coin/bull-buysell/ MNO:: https://masternodes.online/currencies/BULL/ DELTA:: https://getdelta.io/ Blockfolio:: https://blockfolio.com/ Coinlib:: https://coinlib.io/coin/BULL/BuySell Worldcoinindex:: https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/buysell Mintnodes:: https://www.mintnodes.com/coins/BULL Aiodex : https://aiodex.com/vote/BULL Coingecko : https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/buysell Livecoinwatch : https://www.livecoinwatch.com/price/Buysell-BULL Coincodex : https://coincodex.com/crypto/buysell/ Athcoinindex : https://athcoinindex.com/coin/buysell Coinstats : https://coinstats.app/coins/buysell Coindar : https://coindar.org/en/coin/buysell Coincost : http://coincost.net/en/currency/buysell?from=search igitalcoinprice : https://digitalcoinprice.com/coins/buysell Walletinvestor : https://walletinvestor.com/forecast/buysell-prediction xchange CREX 24 :: https://crex24.com/nl/exchange/BULL-BTC Coin Name : BuySell Ticker : BULL Coin Type : MN/POS MN 99% | POS 1% Total Supply : 1 M Coin Maturity : 60 Block Collateral MN 1 - 200k: 1000 Bull 200k - 300k: 1500 Bull 300k - 500k: 2000 Bull 500k - 100m: 3000 Bull Welcome to our project, which was created to support organizations that help animals, save the lives of whole species and improve their habitat
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