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  1. Trendo platform | Whitepaper | Twitter | Instagram | Discord | Project description | GITHUB | Blockexplorer | Blockexplorer 2 | Coingecko In social media content, a turn towards gamification has already begun. As the economic importance of small channels grows, creators need a coin to streamline their operations. This applies to the audience side, where the competition for attention makes contests and prizes an imperative. It also applies to the advertiser side, where the growing value of niche audiences requires a powerful tool to automate brand sponsorship of micro- and nano-influencers. Handto-hand combat with snail mail and gift cards shouldn’t be the only way to reward audiences. Trendo coin will be the internet’s new medium for the gamification of engagement. A lowemission PoS coin, Trendos will circulate between creators, audiences, and advertisers. The Trendo Network will let participants create agile incentive structures around both native content and promotions. Users will earn back some of the value they create through participation. Advertisers will access a network of creator channels and boost their ROI by gamifying contests. The Trendo network will reach across boundaries of national currencies and social media platforms. This will benefit creators, users, marketers, and social media networks. Trendo Tokenomics Platform The Trendo Network will consist of a platform for tracking and rewarding user activity across all social media outlets, a marketplace for sponsored content, and a low-emission PoS coin with a low rate of block creation. 50% of the fees taken in by the Network through ad placement commissions will be used for coin buyback to support the price of Trendos. Trendos will initially be infused into the ecosystem when content creators, audience members or advertisers purchase them directly through the platform. As a secondary market forms and investors start earning PoS and masternode rewards, they will be available for purchase on cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform’s buyback structure will not only protect users from a drop in the price of their Trendos, but will also ensure total liquidity so that they can convert them to fiat when needed. A large part of the revenue derived from Trendos sold on the platform will be brought back on the exchange so that people who have earned coins from contests or referrals can sell them at any time. Creators Once in the hands of content creators, Trendos have many possible paths. Creators may incentivise their audience to engage with an ad campaign, or they may use them to gain audience by making deals with other creators. Another option for creators is to put their coins to work creating greater engagement with the audience they already have. They could simply offer a small incentive for each substantive comment, or offer a bounty in Trendos for a more elaborate type of engagement such as posting a video or reposting something on their own channel. Creators can also form new networks and coalitions through the Trendo Network mechanism. Current projects such as Triberr and Justretweet lack the flexibility and potency in their incentive structures that a cryptocurrency can offer. As a decentralized crypto asset, Trendos can be used for innovative forms of sharing and trading value and content. Users The Trendo Network referral program will allow creators and audience members alike to earn a percentage of the revenue from those users who sign up through their referral link. 20% of all Trendo emission will be directed to referral program payouts. Once the coins are in the hands of audience members, they can, of course, be exchanged back for fiat currency or crypto assets. However, we believe that the structure of incentives within the social media world is such that most users will want to put these coins back into circulation. One major use for coins held by audience members will be gaining access to premium content. Sometimes this will simply be an upper tier of content reserved for paying audience members, and sometimes it will be something more personalized, like a special video or shout-out. These kinds of special experiences need not be limited to the online world: some content creators may organize live events, tours, lunches, or appearances that can be paid for in Trendos. Because the payment system will be so simple and universal, all these forms of increased engagement will become easier and therefore more common. And, of course, the Trendo Network will be enabled with a simple tipping mechanism to reward your favorite creators with the click of a button. Some audience members may want to use their Trendos to incentivise their own followers. After all, nearly everyone in the social media ecosystem is a content creator, even if on a micro level. Having a reserve of value accrued from engaging with content creators may stimulate an audience member to become a creator in their own right. Investors Because of the natural demand that arises from this ecosystem, the value of the coin will increase, bringing more funds into the space and increasing incentive for content creation and engagement-- thus driving up the value proposition for advertisers even higher. In addition to the value of the advertising platform, the Trendo Network will collect data from users across all social networks. Given the value of user data today, and the unique cross-platform nature of the data collected from Trendo wallets, careful monetization of this resource will be a significant revenue stream for the project. The larger the network grows, the greater the potential of the referral network to accelerate the pace of growth. The value of the coin will rise accordingly, benefitting early investors. Holders of the Trendo coin will earn passive income from PoS staking and masternode rewards. Because of the buyback structure, the value of the coin will increase incentive on the part of creators to join the network, and grow both user base and profitability. The greater the profitability of the network, the more valuable the coin, the more benefit accrues to all parties involved, including the social networks themselves. Download Trendo Wallet Trendo Wallet for Windows 64 | Trendo Wallet for Windows 32 | Trendo Wallet for Mac OS | Trendo Wallet for Ubuntu 16.04 (Daemon) Buy Trendo on the Exchange
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