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  1. @izlevinv Try to stay calm and don't create hoaxes in your mind that is not true. Why I removed my chart has nothing to do with hamsterbot nor scamming. I have furthermore no special/personal relationship with @ksandric. All my BTC's are safe and still earning using bot. In the first place he recommended me to use iCryptofan. But after a month or two i just decided not to show my graphic anymore to the public. I got to many messages, and some tried to get profit from my way of earning. This was my thought. That @ksandricputs my offer online for public to see about the 1,2btc is not professional. That was something between us because he wanted me to leave my chart online for hamsterbot and use another account, but I wanted to remove my chart completely with no trace. @izlevinvYou are not scammed you are just messing with your own brains right now. If my chart wasn't on iCryptofan in the first place, then you wouldn't even know that my chart existed in the first place. P.S. you can't manipulate iCryptofan charts. It's calculates and generates depending on your order history through API on Bitmex. I hope i answered most of your questions. If not, then add me on Telegram we'll talk.. I'm not actively checking this forum.
  2. @izlevinv Don't worry. I just decided to take it off. There is nothing wrong and Sasha is right, it was my own decision to do that. If you have questions just ask me..
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