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  1. Congratulations to player "Akama" for winning 0.18488 BTC on our Bitcoin Lottery today! Catch the Winning Spirit!… https://t.co/cLYCpJUhtJ

  2. Congratulations to player "Boyd253" for winning an amazing 4.9020 ETH ($1,986.70 worth) on our #Ethereum #Lottery!… https://t.co/DUFi1y1tSU

  3. Huge Dogecoin Lottery draw in few hours! Buy your tickets now! Good Luck! https://t.co/9nHgonBVfu #bitcoin… https://t.co/AT371sTXRk

  4. Congratulations to "Cuelino478" for winning 6 BTC on our #Dice game! Catch the Winning Spirit!… https://t.co/c6UPrSNYGY

  5. Try your luck at https://t.co/lEtWa8UrB6 Plinko! Win up to 650x your bet! Good Luck! https://t.co/AVq2HIp0Mt… https://t.co/Rue4toqT72

  6. Congratulations to "baapvis" for winning 0.03632 btc on our #Bitcoin #Lottery.Catch the Winning Spirit! https://t.co/peaZIQyL14 #gambling

  7. We're happy to introduce new game - Provably fair BLACKJACK! Visit https://www.crypto-games.net and catch the winning spirit! And we ask you to vote for a coin which you want to be added next: http://strawpoll.me/5424776/
  8. 50 millionth bet is very close! The one who hits it and report on chat receive 0.1 BTC bonus. Check https://www.crypto-games.net
  9. Important announcement! All players can now invest in bankroll and earn their share!
  10. Update: INSTANT Deposits! No need to wait your transaction getting confirmed, you can start playing in seconds!
  11. We decided to offer ONLY 0.8% House edge for DICE game. That's lower than most bitcoin/altcoins dice websites! and we added new coin - GridCoin!
  12. We have more new improvements: - Faucet (0.00005 BTC, 50 DOGE, 0.005 LTC, 0.4 DGD, 2.5 FSC2) - Changeable withdrawal amount - Deposits/withdrawals history - Lower house edge at Slot game - 1%! - Huge speed optimisation ...and more to come! Visit https://www.crypto-games.net and check it yourself! ;)
  13. Updates from our website - New logo: - One of our servers is new (Intel Xeon E5-2620, 18GB RAM, SSD Drives) - Super fast deposits - ONLY 1 confirmation is needed - Statistic is added - Top players list - 1 million bets reached! - New Coin - FriendshipCoin2: And more to come. Visit https://www.crypto-games.net and Catch the winning spirit!
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