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  1. A new Digital currency named as Crypton will be launched soon, the software named as Utopia will be the inventor of this upcoming digital currency. Before discussing the Crypton we must discuss more regarding Utopia.What is Utopia?Utopia is a decentralized peer to peer secure system where no third party is involved in any activity on the software. Utopia itself has the total authority on anything happening inside the software. Utopia is an upcoming social media platform that allows you to send and receive messages, make a call and receive a call, emailing service, and earning from the digital currency.Why preferring Utopia platform over others?Utopia is the only social media platform where you can send and receive text messages as well as voice messages, you can make a call and receive a call, you can use it as mailing service (named as Umail), and you can earn digital money by transactions and mining. Have you ever seen any social media platform with this much facilities? No, never. It is only a Utopia and the great news is Utopia is going to be launched very soon. Utopia is a decentralized peer to peer hence there is no chance of leaking your history, data and information. Utopia is much secure, you can use Utopia anonymously as well.New Digital Currency "Cypton"Utopia is launching along with its digital currency, the rate of Crypton digital currency is not decided yet but it will be good for new traders and marketers. You can earn Cryptons from Utopia itself, you only need to register on Utopia by visiting the site beta.u.is, then log in to your account and start earning Cryptons from mining. Crypton will shock the traders and markets with some good news. Crypton digital currency has got no investment plan right now, you can earn Crypton without investing any single penny. Utopia also has its own wallet named as uwallet where your digital currency Crypton will be managed, you can send and also receive Cryptons from other users. Uwallet is safe and secure as it is a part of Utopia software and reminding Utopia is as much safe that no any third party is involved in any action that runs in Utopia.
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