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  1. Dear Participants and Members of ADAB Solutions. We are happy to announce that the last IEO which was held on Bit-Z and Bit-M exchanges is finaly done. Thank you for your patience and activity. Be informed that next steps are distribution of tokens to personal wallets and listing on exchanges that held our IEO during this month which will be conducted before 10th June. Trading Time: ADAB/BTC, ADAB/ETH, ADAB/USDT trading pair will open on 2019/06/10 17:00 (GMT+8) ADAB deposit and withdrawal will be open on 2019/06/13 17:00 (GMT+8) Sincerely ADAB Solutions’ team
  2. Redemption of tokens at a price not lower than the nominal value (prices for ICO). Every month, a company will spend 10% of its revenue (but not more than 25% of its profits) to the purchase of tokens and their immediate burning. This is how the token deflation model is implemented. With the growth of trading volumes and the number of users, the volume of Adab tokens will be systematically reduced. The purchase of tokens will be at the market price, but not lower than $ 0.1.
  3. Второй раунд IEO на бирже Bit-M начался! Начало второго раунда 20 мая, 12:00 (UTC + 3) Завершение  — 25 мая, 2019 12:00 (UTC + 3) Цена за токен - $ 0.1 После IEO, ADAB будет торговаться на биржах Bit-Z и Bit-M. Второй раунд IEO на бирже BitForex. Больше информации: https://is.gd/UPXJiD
  4. The second round of the IEO on Bit-M exchange already start! Start of the second round is May 20, 12:00 (UTC + 3) Closing date — May 25th, 2019 12:00 (UTC + 3) The price of token is $ 0.1 After the IEO, ADAB will be listed on Bit-Z and Bit-M platform for trading.
  5. Adab — a project which develops the crypto assets market. Read more: https://is.gd/dUoHgO
  6. ADAB — brings crypto assets to Muslim markets. Read more: https://is.gd/ZnTrrF Adab — tech project. Read more: https://is.gd/07vKZr
  7. Dear members of ADAB Solutions! Please note: when you buy tokens on Bit-M and Bit-Z exchanges in scales of IEO, you are guaranteed to receive a bonus of 15% from the purchase amount! https://www.bit-m.com/accelerator/details?id=69
  8. Announcement of the launch of IEO ADAB Solutions on BitForex exchange! Read more: https://is.gd/yWWQMD Announcement of the launch of IEO ADAB Solutions on Bit-Z and Bit-M exchanges! Bit-Z and Bit-M will officially launch an event to sell ADAB Solutions’ tokens as part of the IEO on April 26. The secondary trading market will open until May 25, 2019. IEO details: Start Time: 2019/04/26 17:00(UTC+8) End Time: 2019/05/05 17:00(UTC+8) Price: 1 ADAB — 0.1 USD Recruitment Currency — USDT BTC ETH BMB Available volume: 33 000 000 tokens Total Supply:245 000 000 tokens Token Release Time: 1–15 working days after the end of the project More details: https://www.bit-m.com/accelerator/details?id=69
  9. ADAB Solutions is the first IEO in the world, which will be held on at least 5 exchanges simultaneously and upon completion will make a listing on at least 5 exchanges from TOP-15 exchanges. Read more: https://is.gd/Bc0wTy BitForex will launch ADAB through an Initial Exchange Offering Read more: https://is.gd/buiBfe Cointelegraph: The First IEO in the World, Which Will Be Held on a Few Exchanges Simultaneously and Upon Completion Will Make a Listing on Them Read more: https://is.gd/RfEWBJ The first round of IEO successfully completed! Read more: https://is.gd/y43Vu3
  10. The concept of the exchange funds (reserves) management Read more: https://is.gd/vkLoXq
  11. Features of the exchange, operating in accordance with the norms of Islamic finance. Read more: features-of-the-exchange Interview with CEO ADAB Solutions, part 2. Read more: https://is.gd/oXLJ0r
  12. Interview with CEO of ADAB Solutions, 1st part: https://medium.com/adab-solutions/interview
  13. Dear ADAB Solutions community! Our company has gained invaluable experience in recent months, we are well prepared to do everything right, now we know better what we want, how to benefit people and the entire crypto market. Read more: https://medium.com/@adabsolutions/dear-adab-solutions-community-fbd74f319294]
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