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  1. jl777 about PIRATE. "Let me explain a bit about the PIRATE privacy. It is based on the excellent zcash zksnarks tech with a twist. only zaddrs are allowed as destinations for funds. (we can ignore the small amount of PIRATE that notaries are using in taddr for dPoW as other funds are not commingled with those) What this means is that after the coinbase is shielded it goes into a zaddr, that is the only t->z that will exist. And coinbase is already anonimized to a degree by mining randomness. However the true power of PIRATE is after the t->z. All the following tx must be z->z. Each z->z breaks links with all prior transactions Each z->z increases the overall anon set XMR has a mixin of 10. also a lot of it was deanonymized during the early days due to bugs. here is an example of a z->z tx: http://pirate.explorer.dexstats.info/tx/cc50541b912a9be18b0e6adcb6a99ec6dc659e63c7a626db245e2dad484924c7 Public input JoinSplit -> 0.0001 PIRATE Public output That's all the info available. Some amount of zfunds were sent from some zaddr to another zaddr and a 0.0001 txfee was paid. There can be no richlist, only people who monitor transactions coming in can even confirm if they received funds. This is the ultimate in privacy. all tx are basically the same z->z tx as above As long as you are not announcing to the world via twitter that you just did a PIRATE transaction with the txid, nobody would even know you did a PIRATE transactions, let alone the amount or destination. And the unexpected hashrate that is already close to KMD hashrate is helping secure the post notarization blocks (usually about 10 blocks) and with dPoW active, PIRATE is being notarized and secured by BTC hashrate. What this means is that PIRATE is the most private coin in all of crypto and it is also secured by BTC hashrate. I dont expect any central exchange will be allowed to list PIRATE, so I made a 1BTC bounty for an exchange that can accept zdeposit and do zwithdraws for KMD and PIRATE. We will then have the most private central exchange also! Unlike any of the other zcash forks, PIRATE is noob friendly. It wont be possible to make a mistake to lose the PIRATE privacy, unless you are announcing publicly to the world about your txid details. And even if you do, the counterparty is still well shielded. In the event your wallet is confiscated then it would be possible to determine what zaddrs funds were sent to, but you cant lookup a zaddr on an explorer and unless there is public postings of the zaddr, there is no linkage So, still some care is needed regarding disclosure of your zaddrs, but with a proper management of zaddrs for each party you transact with and not posting it publicly, then there is very good privacy. Once you transfer funds to another of your zaddrs, then even such weak linkages are broken."
  2. New PIRATE pool with ZERO FEES: https://pirate.komodopool.xyz/stats BETA release of AGAMA including PIRATE support: https://github.com/KomodoPlatform/Agama/releases/tag/multios-0.2.42c ALL PIRATE users and miners MUST update your Komodo to latest code as soon as possible (before PIRATE block 77777)
  3. current price for PIRATE is bid 0.02 KMD and ask of 0.05 KMD Where to next from here? As PIRATE is a finished project from it's core functionalities and features point of view, what we need now is community's involvement for marketing. What I suggest: Please join others in #pirate channel under Komodo Platform Discord: https://komodoplatform.com/discord Form a team who can manage marketing side of PIRATE. SHossain and I have added 10,000 PIRATE each to a bounty pool. That means there's a pool of 20,000 PIRATE which can be used for PIRATE related tasks and bounties. I guess more bounties can be raised as tasks are discussed and decided to work on. So come join the other pirates in Komodo Platform Discord.
  4. Hey Russian community! Welcome aboard ! ARRRRR! PIRATE is the best of Zcash combined with the best of Monero. It’s a forced Shielded-transactions (z-transactions) only blockchain, meant for completely anonymous transactions. PIRATE is mined into a transparent address, but can only go into a shielded address from there. PIRATE is an independent blockchain built using Komodo Platform technology which is privacy transactions only blockchain. PIRATE is feature complete for what it does, there is no need for any more PIRATE core improvements. Original Topic https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4979549 https://pirate.black/ http://pirate.komodostats.com/
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