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  1. We will NEVER get paid. The owner just wants to promote his 'btc doubler site'!!!!!!!!!!!! I have seen many of his previous 'highest paying' faucet websites.
  2. https://www.captainbitcoin.io/landing/R4dz3lfo9X7 Captainbitcoin-a video content and education platform designed specifically to drive Bitcoin and crypto adoption. 100000 satoshi each giveaway daily! and free tokens! (no kyc) watch Videos, learn Crypto, earn Crypto, win Bitcoin Daily! It is daily Bitcoin giveaway (up to $1000) 10 winners are announced before 5pm everyday on Twitter. Note: Install metamask through browser in order to log in (you'll need a small amount of eth to pay for gas) note:i will post my withdrawl soon.
  3. https://www.earnbitcoin.io/?r=106909 bonus10000sat. faucet - roll 11 sat.-10000 sat. & offers;surveys,typing,games ; direct pay minimum:0.001 btc referral and referrer both get 10000 sat.bonus (after registering you need to confirm and claim from faucet) withdrawl not confirmed yet.minimum threshold not reached yet.
  4. Congrats on your payouts..... But their support is horrible.....they never respond.They block accounts even for no reasons!!!!!!!!!!Even I tried on fb too...no response.
  5. https://free-bitcoin2020.com claim 100 - 300 satoshi every 1 hour! no captcha ! no investment. min: 0.001 btc direct to wallet 20% referral
  6. Any one got paid? Looks Fake and unreliable...it's sister site(rollbit) says: 'To unlock the withdrawal of funds you need to make a deposit of 0.00300000 BTC.!'
  7. https://www.iwinbitco.in/?ref=5712 faucet 10 to 200 satoshi every hour and 0.05 btc Raffle Prize. easiest captcha.no shortlinks min-10000 satoshi to faucethub (no w/d fee) ref-30% faucet balance - 0.06144818 btc minimum not reached yet.i will post payout proof soon
  8. http://auto.alucatlabs.com/?r=D8u9emfXFE1ft8jPnty2exBqzgbtrPnQBa no need to keep the page open. fh payouts
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