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    One for all and all for one!

    Hello dear bitcoiners! We should unite for one very important matter. little Fatima Aleskar needs our compassion and help. She is only 9 months old, but her diagnosis is a vast infantile hemangioma. she needs urgent surgery and long-term treatment. https://www.instagram.com/pomozhem.fatime/?hl=ru this is our page in the instagram. I ask all non-indifferent people to respond, pray for our girl, and if possible help. bank card number for transfer 5169493124633390 and bitcoin wallet 1L4L9MzN8UFpFd5YJhmU8V9ZvGfdCD9aE7 ether wallet 0xe446f3cee1ce8bcd2ed835a1011d26359a918ab5
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