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  1. WALLETS (Not accessible until 5/18/2018) Windows Wallet WALLETS (Not accessible until 5/18/201MINING SOFTWARE CCMiner (Nvidia) CGMiner (AMD) POOLSMasterhash (Available at launch) Special Shoutout for helping us; Check them out)Futurecoins (Available 05/19/2018)Shit.Fish (Available at launch)BSOD (Available at launch)Gos.cx (Available at launch)Lab Binary Mining (coming soon)EXCHANGESTradeOgre (Application Submitted)More TBATOOLSBlock ExplorerMAINNET FAIR LAUNCHFriday - May 18th,2018 @ ~2 PM EST, ~6 PM GMT/~9 PM MSK.Note: GitHub access is private at the moment until a few hours before launch (Wallet is not accessible today. It will be made available tomorrow; also THE BLOCKS YOU SEE NOW ARE TESTNET, do not mine and waste your hash.)Mainnet launch for EVERYONE 5/18.
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