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    Основатель проекта GlobalCarServise, учредитель и ген.директор "ООО КарБлокчеин" Резидент парка высоких технологий республики Беларусь. Автор канала YouTube https://www.youtube.com/user/olegnesterov1

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  1. Global Car Service

    Global Car Service — is an application, which will encompass all information on car repair shops of the Republic of Belarus, Russia and the whole world.

    Global Car Service is meant to bring together and unite car owners and enthusiasts, car repair shops, car mechanics and service centers. Global Car Service application will help find solutions to issues that car owners and mechanics are faced with.

    Global Car Service application can help an ordinary car mechanic obtain the much-needed reputation, customers, and grow his own business. It can also help a car owner find a mechanic, who will perform all required works in time. Cryptocurrency and «safe transaction» shall guarantee high quality performance of works and full and timely payment for services.

    How it works

    Car mechanic is always at hand

    Application finds the best ones

    A car owner, who requires car repair, can easily find the right mechanic by entering the Global Car Service application. Smart Service Search technology will not only find the nearest car repair specialist, but also sort the search results by rating, feedback and filter it further down based on chosen options.

    Customer gets to choose

    Application only offers

    A car owner may visit a personal web-page of a mechanic and review the list of services provided by the mechanic or a service center. He can also look through examples of work and feedback from customers who had already made use of services provided by this car repair mechanic and make his choice only after that.

    Reliable comment on performed works

    Defects detected at a later stage

    After the end of repair works or technical maintenance of a car, a customer shall have an opportunity to leave feedback on the work done by a mechanic or a service center, and also amending feedback within a period of two weeks. The application thus allows for detecting defects concealed by the contractor during acceptance inspection of the car by customer.

    Motivation to leave feedback

    Customer’s cashback is the best motivation not to stay aside.

    A mechanic is more interested in the feedback than a car owner that came to him. Therefore, photos of all stages or carried out works shall become a sort of a crib note for a car owner, that is going to leave feedback on the works performed by a mechanic.

    It is worth noting that all comments may be left only after the deal is closed and after arrangement of mutual settlements. This is done to avoid the possibility to increase or decrease a rating artificially. Thanks to implementation of blockchain technology, it will be impossible to buy feedback thus imitating high ratings.

    Decentralized online-platform on the basis of a blockchain — is a foundation of an absolutely new form of service for car enthusiasts and car owners. This is the basis for collection and analysis of statistical data and establishing fresh business projects in automotive business.

    Blockchain is not only an electronic record of mutual settlements between car enthusiasts and service centers or mechanics. This is also a safe and a totally transparent transaction between a customer and a contractor. And when FTI cryptocurrency is introduced, we shall get a fully finished cycle of mutual settlement between a customer and a contractor which is still not seen on other similar platforms.

    Long-term project growth

    The application shall operate and yield profit based on rendered services. Reliable information on car mechanics and car repair shops shall grow by means of comments left on the basis of the blockchain technology. A separate branch of development connected with cryptocurrency launch is also expected.

    Right after the project launch we are planning to implement a number of considerable improvements, which will simplify the service operation and allow for a smooth transition from the “cold” start to robust smart technologies.

    How can this be achieved?

    Collecting data from all available sources. This is not all however. During the stage of data collection and filling in the database, an opportunity will emerge to provide analytical reports on the following: 1. Logging car history, calculation of cost of services on technical maintenance. 2. Analysis of car’s “sore” spots taking mileage into account.

    Launching technical support in social networks to solve issues on application’s operation.

    «Safe transaction», implemented in the application — is a guarantee for both the contractor and the customer, that everything goes smoothly and without disputes.

    In case a dispute arises, the amount to be paid for the service is “frozen” until the customer and the contractor find a solution. This can be achieved either by communication between the parties or by a ruling of the laws in force.


    What is a token in the cryptocurrency world?
    Token is an electronic, virtual unit. You can call it a share or a bond. Purchasing a token during ICO, you buy it at a minimum cost. With application being offered at the internet-services market, token inevitably grows in price. The service team will spend the funds raised through ICO on development and marketing of the application in the internet.

    Success stories of coins growth

    After raising the required amount of funds through ICO we shall have the opportunity to establish our own coin, and after that — launch a totally new branch of service development. You should not delve deep into the history of coins to find out that all of them started trading at around $0.5, and later on crossed $100 and even a $1000 barrier.

    Token value growth

    Bringing in big corporations with State support into the application.

    Education and certification of experts, who will play the roles of “mystery shoppers”.

    Another liquidity upsurge item is listing of the token on such exchanges as Binance, Poloniex etc.

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