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  1. WEBSITE | TWITTER | DISCORD | TELEGRAM | GITHUB | LINKEDIN | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM | E-MAIL A Digital Gift Cardsystem where the holders of the Token create new Tokens to be used on Affiliated Sites! 🌟Available Use Day1 launch you can use thecoin on our affiliate site. 🌟Knowledgeable Team We have been in the Masternodeindustry for over 2 years. And work with many of the top MasterNodecoins. MNPCoin is a CryptoCurrency that is used like a giftcard wallet. Where you get your mnpcoin and can use it on any affiliated site. In August 2018 MasterNodes.Pro created our very own token to be used in our network of websites and affiliated websites. By using MNPCoin the MasterNodes.pro payment network will be able to function seamlessly between the sites to allow our users to enjoy all of our services without having to deposit MNPCoin on each website. Masternodes.pro look forward to continuing to serve you up the very best in statistical data and hope that you will continue to use our product to help you in your masternode Investments! Algo:Quark BlockTime: 60 Seconds DifficultyRetargeting: EveryBlock MaxCoin Supply (PoW Phase):7,990 MaxCoin Supply (PoS Phase):Infinite Preminein block 1-10:3,000,000 MNP GenesisBlock: GMT Wednesday,August 1st, 2018 2:00 AM Reward Distribution *Premine:* BlockHeight: 1 - 10 Reward Amount: 3,000,000MNP Notes: Initial Premine Duration(Days): 0 Days Premine: 3,000,000 MNP (1,000,000 MNP Presale on WavesDex, 1,500,000 MNP avalible now @ MNPMorph System, 500,000MNP for Bounties) PoW-Phase BlockHeight: 11 - 8000 Reward Amount: 7,990 MNP Notes: Open Mining Duration(Days): Approx 5 Days PoS-Phase BlockHeight: 8000-Infinite Reward Amount: Masternodes 60%MNP / Staking 40% MNP MasterNode Specification: Coins Required: 10,000MNP Reward Percentage: 60% Check MNP StatsLive Masternodes.pro mncn.online The most successful platform for the statistical analysis of masternodes has its own cryptocurrency! MNPCoin Newly Listed Coins On CoinMarketCap In Depth:MNPCoin / Stakinglab.io Listing MNPCoin is now listed on Blockfolio MNPMorph System MNPCoin on Stocks.Exchange MNPCOIN(MNP) Stats Live https://masternodes.pro/statistics https://marketcap.pro/coinList https://stakinglab.io https://nodehub.io https://hub.kalkul.us https://www.stakeandnodes.com https://blockfolio.com/ https://bitscreener.com/coins/mnpcoin WEBSITE | TWITTER | DISCORD | TELEGRAM | GITHUB | LINKEDIN | FACEBOOK | TELEGRAM | E-MAIL
  2. WEBSITE | TWITTER | DISCORD | TELEGRAM | GITHUB PowerSwitch is a new crypto-blockchain. Official presale launch October 15th 2018 Pure POS, based on famous Litecoin code. First decentralized tool used to switch to the cheapest energy supplier. https://www.powerswitch.me What is PowerSwitch ? PowerSwitch is a blockchain used to monitor energy usage and save cost. People paying their power supply (electricity, water, domestic gas...) via a meter (smart plugs) can adapt our prototype onto it. It will monitor your energy usage, searches the cheapest energy tariffs and switch suppliers quickly through our blockchain. PowerSwitch token are also meant to be accepted as a payment token for your power bills. We are building a platform for the crypto Industry PowerSwitch is developping a smart plug to manage your power consumption in real time and switch to the best offer regarding to your personal usage. PowerSwitch is also meant to be accepted by suppliers as a payment method to pay for your power bills. Payments are of course automatically written in PowerSwitch blockchain. PWS Coin Specifications Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known. Want to know more about PowerSwitch Coin specifications ? Here are the numbers : PWS Distribution Proof-of-Stake based blockchain rewards coin holders having a masternode of simply staking coins in their wallet. Once Public sale is over, we will list PowerSwitch in main marketplaces. Unlike in Proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin, PowerSwitch coins cannot be mined in ASICs farms, only coins holders can create more coins. It has a significant influence on exchange price, avoiding miners to plummet coin price. Coins are sold by people invested in PowerSwitch blockchain at fair prices. Here is a table describing rewards structure, growing fast during the first year to boost PowerSwitch coins mass adoption, staying lucrative for many years and slowly declining for next decades. * Monthly value is calculated for 1 Masternode (5000 PWS), based on presale average price. ** Calculations are made for 50 active Masternodes. *** If you want to make your own calculations, just use our masternode simulator. Roadmap Token Sale PowerSwitch tokens are sold to early investors during our presale. Once this presale is finished, PowerSwitch coins will be available on major exchanges. Presale is divided in 3 stages : Stage 1 : from 15th of october to 22th of october. 10 Masternodes are available at lowest price : $0.5/coin Stage 2 : from 22th of october to 29th of october. 15 Masternodes are available at $0.6/coin Stage 3 : from 29th of october to 5th of november. 25 Masternodes are available at $0.75/coin * Each stage starts and finishes at 12:00pm GMT ** All the coins that are not sold at the end of Stage 1, 2 and 3 will be burnt. Buy some PowerSwitch coin, build a masternode || Get free coins with our affiliation program (scroll down) Mobile App We are developing a cryptocurrency wallet storing your public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend PowerSwitch coins. Use our smart app to manage your PowerSwitch SmartPlug, allowing you to see which power supplier you're affilied to and pay your bills with PowerSwitch coins. Download Don't hesitate to use "addnodes" in your PowerSwitch.conf file : (Your conf file is located in "C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\PowerSwitch" or "/home/your_name/.PowerSwitch") Affiliate link / Earn free coins ! We run an affiliation system to boost our presale and help raising funds for our project. You can now use affiliate link to talk about PowerSwitch in various media. Every time someone buy some PWS through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of it First time you affiliate someone, you win 1% of bought coins. Second time you win 2%, third time 3% and so on. It's stackable until 5%. For example, if 7 people buy through your affiliate link, you'll be capped at 5% reward. How to generate your affiliate link ? Use our presale page url : https://www.powerswitch.me/buy , scroll down and use the form to generate your link Your link will look like this : https://www.powerswitch.me/aff/Peja3hTZUMq1_random_string_wFqG4hzbTVeh Example : your PWS address is PAeja3hcTUMq4TW2Z3d4cNAwFqG4hzbTVeh ? Your affiliate link is : https://www.powerswitch.me/aff/PAeja3hcTUMq4TW2Z3d4cNAwFqG4hzbTVeh Share this link everywhere ! On your blog, on facebook. Tweet it ! Share on bitcointalk, talk about it in your youtube videos, there's no limit. Someone buys some coin through your affiliate link : you earn your share of it. Bounty Campaign We are running a bounty campaign on our Discord server, don't hesitate to join us to earn some free tokens ! Here are some examples : Earn some coins by promoting PowerSwitch on specific website Earn some coins by following us on Twitter Earn some coins when people are visiting our website from your referral link Earn some coins by inviting people on Discord etc...
  3. Block Explorer | Discord | Website | Github | Wallets | Twitter Block Explorer | Discord | Website | Github | Wallets | Twitter
  4. Isa Iah

    [ANN][BOUNTY] GreenCoin (GRN) - Currency For Green Future

    Online Web Wallet for GreenCoin GRN available now https://wallet.greencoin.life GRN now traded with BTC pair on https://altmarkets.cc/market/BTC-GRN Official Exchange https://greencoin.online Block Explorer http://explorer.greencoin.space
  5. Incentivizing the mass compute power of IoT devices to form a means of anonymous, browser-based blockchain payments. you-Plexa Plexa - To interlink multiple smaller threads to form one master thread. Airdrop: https://uplexa.com/airdrop The uPlexa blockchain will be powered by the billions of untapped IoT devices currently in-use in our world. This is done by using our modified CryptoNight algorithm in order to provide a viable option to IoT users in order to help pay a proportion of their electricity of running said devices. uPlexa's mining audience are individuals with IoT devices, or webmasters with high-volume websites. With the uPlexa Near-Zero Congestion Model (NZCM) webmasters may incentivize their users to mine for their company(s) in order to credit their users with rewards, whilst performing off-chain transactions to lessen the network load and increase transaction capacity. Targeting individual IoT devices and webmasters will help create one of the most decentralized networks. The uPlexa team has a strong focus on creating an innovating IoT mining experience, whilst also preventing ASIC miners from exploiting our network. However, IoT mining is not our soul purpose. uPlexa thrives to provide a form of adoption via anonymous service provider payments, and it's very own eCommerce platform targeting anonymous transactions for both store owners, and store clients. Today, we announce our Airdrop to build out our initial community and team. By signing up to our Airdrop, you will receive 450 uPlexa coins, plus however many from participating in optional bonuses found on the Airdrop dashboard. You will also become an Early Access Member. Early Access Members will receive numerous benefits such as, but not limited to: •Beta Mine Period •Challenges, Bonuses and Rewards •Voting Privileges •Plexor Discord Title •...and more! Coin information: Name: uPlexa Ticker: UPX Coin Supply: 10,500,000,000 Airdrop Amount: 36,750,000 UPX Algorithm: Modified CryptoNight-Light Variant 1 Premine Amount: 7% (For the infrastructure, bounties, airdrops, exchanges, partnerships, and the team) URL: https://uplexa.com Whitepaper: https://uplexa.com/content/uPlexa-Whitepaper-EN.pdf Airdrop: https://uplexa.com/airdrop Roadmap: Q4 - 2018: •October 3rd: Website & Airdrop Launch •October 21st: Official Access to the Web Wallet opens •October 24th: Beta IoT Mine Starts •November 1st: Resume work on eCommerce Platform •November 21st: Airdrop closes, Early Access Membership permanently closed •November 24th: Beta Mine Closes •December 1st: Official Coin Launch, Open Source, GUI Wallets, Mining Software (Win/Mac/Linux/Android/iOS), Pool, Efforts towards obtaining internet & telecom partnerships & listings on exchanges •December 14th: Launch Mobile Wallet •December 27th: Launch NZCM API Q1 - 2019: •Bonus Event •Mass marketing & adoption •Release of additional IoT mining Software (Android TV & WebOS) •First Hardfork (Possible PoW update) •Community software releases for adoption/usage Q2 - 2019: •Progress report & Beta Signup for our eCommerce platform •NZCM Micro-transactions Update for Next Fork based on Adoption, Price, and Global Hashrate •Continual attendance of Blockchain Events to promote our service, and seek strategic partnerships •Launch eCommerce Platform in Beta Q3 - 2019: •Our Second Hardfork (Possible PoW Update), NZCM Update •Release of OpSec related Software for uPlexa Users •Final revision prior to the release of the uPlexa eCommerce platform •Continued Efforts on IoT Mining Software Q4 - 2019: •Release of our eCommerce Platform to the Public •...and more! Stay tuned for updates. Follow us on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/uplexacoin Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/uPlexa/ Discord: https://discord.gg/a7mAQwJ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/uPlexa/ GitHub: https://github.com/uplexa
  7. DOWNLOAD | TELEGRAM CAMPAIGN | TRADE VOLUME | TWITTER | EARN DIVIDEND | BLOG | BTCTALK ANN ABOUT SATOWALLET Satowallet is a state of the art cryptocurrency wallet with an inbuilt trading engine that facilitates crypto and fiat trading without downtime. It is built as an all in one application that enables users to store and trade several cryptocurrencies, as well as set up masternodes, stake POS coins, invest, carryout off-chain transactions and offline transactions. Satowallet is the result of our research and development of several years. Dated back to 2012, our team took up the task of researching the new technology known as blockchain, when only very few believed in it. With several years of research and development, we have grown in technical maturity and insight as to developing a business and providing financial service guidance and solutions.Our team comprises of highly professional and motivated entrepreneurs and developers with expertise in a plethora of different fields. Thanks to our years of research and combined experience in business development and management, that allowed us to obtain such invaluable knowledge regarding the ins and out of developing a business from conception to conclusion. Satowallet was fully instituted in April 2017, and since then we have experienced organic growth and the pleasure of also learning through our users reviews that has helped us to build a complete robust system. Matching Engine Our robust machine engine is currently capable of sustaining 1,000,000 trade orders per second. Our team is continuously researching and developing, and we will keep on increasing the capacity as we watch the system. With our engine, users can trade easily with just a mobile phone or PC from anywhere in the world Feature Rollout We are introducing more features to Satowallet to include: 1. Fund raising (ICO Support) 2. Instant buy and sell widgets for websites. 3. Credit card payment 4. API's to build trading App connected to Satowallet. 5. Offline crypto transactions through USSD code. 7. Payment service providers. 8. Marchant integration and payment processing. 9. And more EARN 40% DIVIDEND MONTHLY BY INVESTING WITH SATOWALLET https://youtu.be/nE6BhQKDjmU
  8. WEBSITE (ICO Live) | DISCORD | TWITTER | Bitcointalk ANN Logo: Windows: https://github.com/DashX-Official/DASHX-Core-v.1.0-winqt Source: https://github.com/DashX-Official/DASHX-Core-Source-v.1.0 Ubuntu-qt: https://github.com/DashX-Official/DASHX-Core-Ubuntu-qt-v.1.0 https://dashx-explorer.miningjgpool.ovh/ Mining: Official Partner http://bestpoolminer.cc https://s2.mpos-pools.com/dashx https://miningjgpool.ovh/ https://minepool.online https://clutzykid.com/ https://eqpool.com PRE-SALE LIVE ON ESCODEX EXCHANGE https://wallet.escodex.com/market/ESCODEX.DASHX_ESCODEX.BTC
  9. [BOUNTY] | [SIGNATURE] | [DISCORD] | [TELEGRAM] | [TWITTER] | [5$ BONUS]| [FB] | [FAUCET] | [POOL] | [SITE] | [EXCHANGE] We propose the 🌏 GreenCoin (GRN) to support green technologies. Target spacing between blocks/confirmations: 1 min Algorithm: SHA256 Mineable Type: PoW Coin name: GreenCoin Coin abbreviation: GRN Address start letter: G RPC port: 33100 P2P port: 33099 Block reward: 250 coins Block halving: 100000 blocks Coin supply: 100 000 000 coins Pre-mined: 50 000 000 coins Web: http://greencoin.life Source code: GitHub: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin Wallets: Windows wallet/node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin/raw/master/greencoin-qt-windows.zip Linux walet/node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin/raw/master/greencoin-qt-linux.tar.gz Linux daemon node: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin/raw/master/greencoin-daemon-linux.tar.gz RaspBerry Pi wallet: https://github.com/CryptorClub/GreenCoin/raw/master/greencoin-qt-raspberry.tar.gz Mirror: Windows wallet/node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-qt-windows.zip Linux walet/node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-qt-linux.tar.gz Linux daemon node: http://grn.cryptor.club/greencoin-daemon-linux.tar.gz Main node url: grn.cryptor.club GRN available for trading on such Exchanges[/color]: #1 --> https://greencoin.online We offer 5$ for each registered member more details --> here #2 --> https://minersheaven.eu/market/DOGE-GRN #3 --> https://trade.multicoins.org/market/MC-GRN We are happy to inform, that we reach first halving. Also its important to let you know, what Green Technologies means. And here our plans to build: International Seeds Bank International BlockChain Seeds Exchange Green Technologies Bank: - Medical Phytodential technologies - Green (Alternative) Energy (Electricity, EcoFuel, Sun, Wind, Wave) - Green Transport Institute - Bank of Intellectual Property (with latest technologies) Global Climate Change Research Center WIG (Wing in Ground) Port with Rescue Center --> Watch about WIG craft Earth Resource Management Center Effective Waste Processing Plants We cooperate with scientists and their inventions are make us believe, that this plans can be true... We invite all bitcointalk community to support such green technologies and GreenCoin as a source to finance this direction.
  10. Website (ICO Live) | Discord | Telegram | Twitter | Bitcointalk ANN AceD Vault will offer packages with fixed DAILY compounding dividends paid in AceD Cash. These packages also offer a fair distribution built for long term sustainability. In order to spread the word about AceD Vault, AceD Vault also offers a generous tiered referral program Your PoS solution for AceD coin. Consider it your AceD savings account. You can purchase ACH via our AceD Vault here. *20% bonus if you purchase with AceD If you're new to AceD you can catch up via our original announcement. If you have any questions or comments the easiest way to reach us is on Discord COIN NAME: AceD Cash TICKER: ACH ALGORITHM: 100% PoS PREMINE: 15m MAX SUPPLY: 250m BLOCK TIME: 1 minute BLOCK REWARD: 50 ACH Earn dividends. Spend dividends anywhere daily with your $ACH debit card. First 1000 Pro and Expert package holders may reserve an $ACH debit card. Released 2019 Q1. Main Net and Internal Exchange launches October 21st 2018 Personal wallets for local staking will be released Referral Program AceD Cash offers a rewarding referral program with 3 levels, 3%, 1.5% and 0.5%. Each level is the distance from your original referral. So if you refer person A, and person A refers person B, and Person B refers Person C, You receive 3% of person A's original investment, 1.5% of person B's original investment, and 0.5% of person C's investment.
  11. ICO Website | Platform website | Whitepaper | 1 Pager | Telegram |Bounty Thread | ANN Thread By participating in our public sale you can receive not only the Kuende Token, but also the Cosmos Network token (ATOM) and one of our 5 main partners’ - Sirin Labs (SRN), Bancor (BNT), Civic (CVC), Stox (STX), and Ip-Exchange (IPSX) This is Kuende's way of supporting excellent ideas and rewarding all the awesome people that are on the side of such projects too. Main Bonus: Get Your Cosmos ATOMs! Kuende is a project officially approved by the Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem and to celebrate this great achievement, we offer to our community an amazing and exclusive opportunity: • • • To Earn ATOM Tokens! • • • On top of the Kuende Tokens (KUE) you receive for your contribution during the public sale, you will also receive 1 ATOM as Bonus for every 1 ETH contributed. Kuende is a project officially approved by the Cosmos & Tendermint Ecosystem and to celebrate this great achievement, we offer to our community an amazing and exclusive opportunity: When applying the Bonus, only the whole part of the contribution amount will be taken into account, the decimal part does not count. Kuende is backed my Dokia Capital - http://ion.dokia.capital - one of the main Cosmos Hub validators with ~9 million ATOMs at stake and also a private investor in our project. NOTE: The ATOMs distribution for this bonus will take place once they are made available by the Cosmos Network to the entire ecosystem. The ATOMs can be claimed at any time after that, without any deadline or restrictions according to a step-by-step tutorial that Kuende will provide during that period Extra Bonus: Kuende + Our Partners = 10% More Tokens! - Only the contributions equal or exceeding 3 ETH are eligible for the Extra Bonus. - SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX token holders, MUST register for the Kuende Whitelist and get their KYC submission approved. You can find a step-by-step explanation tutorial for how to register to the Whitelist and also how to submit your KYC procedure here. - When you are in the process of completing your KYC procedure, add the ETH Wallet in which you have ANY AMOUNT of SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX tokens as well. This will be the same wallet in which you will receive your Extra Bonus. - After the ICO ends, Kuende will check all the addresses that contributed to the public sale that had SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX tokens at the moment they have submitted their contribution in our public sale. All SRN / BNT / CVC / STX / IPSX token holders that participated to our public sale, will receive an Extra Bonus of 10% as follows: - 5% in KUE Tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH. - 5% in SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX tokens from the total contribution equal or exceeding 3 ETH. - At the time of the contribution if you have in your wallet more than one token from the ones mentioned above, you will receive the 5% extra bonus in the token that has the most weight in your wallet (calculated in dollars based on etherscan.io). - The Extra Bonus in KUE will be vested for a period of 3 months, starting the date the public sale has ended. - The Extra Bonus in SRN, BNT, CVC, STX or IPSX will be distributed within 7 days, starting the date the public sale has ended. NOTE: the official exchange rate for this Extra Bonus was set on 18 September 2018, at 9:00am UTC, provided by coinmarketcap.com and is the following: - 1 ETH = 2.905,70 SRN - 1 ETH = 153,98 BNT - 1 ETH = 1.886,61 CVC - 1 ETH = 2.715,69 STX - 1 ETH = 150.602,41 IPSX
  12. WEBSITE | DISCORD | BITCOINTALK ANN | TWITTER | GITHUB | CREBELLION | BLOCK EXPLORER MEREBEL MASTER-REBEL WE ARE THE BEGINNING OF A CRYPTO REBELLION Born to be rebels. It runs in our blood. The crebellion is a squad of crypto rebels. Designed for a large number of rebels! Let's do it together Crebellion projects: ⭐ MEREBEL ⭐ CREBELGAME ⭐ CREBELBOARD ⭐ CREBEL ⭐ MasterRebelCoin Merebel is the treasure for the rebellion and is responsible for the passive income! REWARD: Nodes: addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= ZeroMERI: Max. ZerocoinSpendsPerTransaction = 7; //Assume about 20kb each Min. ZerocoinMintFee = 1 * ZCENT //high fee required for zerocoin mints Mint Required Confirmations = 20 //the maximum amount of confirmations until accumulated in 19 Required Accumulation = 1 Default Security Level = 100; //full security level for accumulators Zerocoin Header Version = 4 //Block headers must be this version once zerocoin is active Budget_Fee_Confirmations = 6 //Number of confirmations for the finalization fee Fast. Safe. Progressive. Seamless. Anonym. Built with a focus on mass adoption. The crebellion platform should become the main base of the Crebellion. It will serve us with a decentralized anonymous blockchain messenger and integrated webwallet for best condition of being anonymous. The crebelboard is additionally aligned with a cool dashboard for the crebel-quest-tree, with rank subdivision and much more. Before everything is ready, we chill on the crebellion discord server. For early starters there are extra rewards. Get a fight now!! Of course, your rank will also be transferred. CREBELLION MESSENGER Crebel-Anonymous-Blockchain-Messenger STATS * Anonymous Blockchain-Crebel-Messenger! * anonym and dezentral * Blockchain-Messenger for Peer to Peer! * integrated PGP encoding * °Aqualis° Routing! * the Crebel-Messenger is in symbiosis with the Crebel-Board! NEW CREBELLION MININGPOOL pool.crebellion.org We are against corruption! We are for independence! We do not just want to make the rich richer, we want to do it justice! Everyone gets a chance! Please treat all of us with respect, especially those with higher ranks! BOUNTY ON DISCORD
  13. WEBSITE | DISCORD | BITCOINTALK ANN | REDDIT Announcing Möbius 2D - the future of decentralized gaming! We are releasing our first game and by participating in it, you also become our token holder! Token holders will receive part of ALL future revenue of this and any other projects we develop. What is Möbius 2D? It was inspired by FOMO3D, but it is built from the ground up with efficiency and user friendliness in mind. It is an investment/lottery game with different mechanics which allows you to make a profit. Players in each round of this game are called investors. *Investors can buy shares. The last person to buy a share is the one who will win the big jackpot once the timer runs out. *Each share bought adds 5 minutes to the timer, up to a max of 24 hours. *Share price stays constant until the hard deadline (30 days from the start of a round). After that share price doubles every hour - this makes sure that a round has an ending, and that there are more returns to late investors. *Buying any number of shares during the round brings passive income (returns). Returns are available in real time! You can reinvest your returns or withdraw ETH the moment someone invests after you. *You can set your nickname, which will appear on the stats, to pretty much anything (including emojis ) *Once you set your nickname you can share a referral link and earn part of what others invest via your link, with no downside to them (or you can give yourself a 1% discount by using your own ref link ) *Investing more than 0.1 ETH at a time brings you several advantages: - You get bonus shares (literally more returns on investment) - You have a chance to win an ETH airdrop * For every share you buy in the first round of Möbius 2D you also get one M2D token (if you invest >0.1 ETH you also get a discount on the tokens). Tokens are limited to the number of shares sold during the first round - when the round ends, minting is finished and no more tokens will be created. *Token holders will receive 9% of the future revenue generated by Möbius 2D, and any further games we develop! Our 2D Investment Scheme is Better Because: *2D is better than 3D in terms of returns on investment. *Our code is better (check it out on etherscan) *Our website is also completely decentralized and we couldn't take it down even if we wanted to (hosted on IPFS) *We hope to create a friendlier community, and to do that 10% of all M2D tokens will be used for community initiatives and bounties (check out our Discord) ICO Goals: *Our first priority after the ICO is to create a UI for dividends withdrawal (you can always get your dividends by directly interacting with the contract using Myetherwallet or similar). *50 ETH raised: a decentralized exchange where people can freely trade their tokens. Fees from the exchange will also be shared with token holders. *100 ETH raised: a dice game with special Möbius mechanics. *500 ETH raised: a P2P betting platform - it will start with being able to place simple bets against other players (on dice rolls, price of ETH, or or others), but it will evolve into more complex mechanics. *1000 ETH raised: develop a complete suite of games which work together. We are going to be closely listening to the community, especially our token holders, for feedback and future product requests. We hope to create a truly decentralized community where we deliver what the community wants in a decentralized and unstoppable way. What You Need to Play: You'll need Metamask for chrome, or a mobile Web3 browser. Visit M2D.win (or any of the direct IPFS gateway links below) and buy your first share! If you have any questions, drop us a line here or on discord! Resources: https://M2D.win (uses the cloudflare IPFS gateway - if unavailable use another gateway below) DISCORD - For more details and real time discussion Detailed Specification Main Contract Address: 0xa74642aeae3e2fd79150c910eb5368b64f864b1e TokenAddress 0x54cdc9d889c28f55f59f6b136822868c7d4726fc Nickname Registrar Address 0x4d6ec066345e3466d9e970caad4732983ae4bc2c IPFS Hash QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe Different IPFS Gateways links (if one is down, you can visit another one): Infura https://ipfs.infura.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe IPFS.io https://gateway.ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe IPFS.io 2 https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe CloudFlare https://cloudflare-ipfs.com/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe Siderus https://siderus.io/ipfs/QmecRJwEqZFzYkmLFdVJ5pNctXCH3tnCcB348GAcpkyuWe
  14. Website | Investor Information Deck | Product Brief | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Telegram | Medium | Bounty Thread | Token Terms & Details MVP Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzgzdJ0I6BM Intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgiHpnsLS4w Presenting Hubris One https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKqsFP5dCMI HubrisOne: Increasing Adoption. Simplifying Access to Financial Services. Blockchain Technology for All to Benefit. We're Increasing Adoption Through HubrisOne and the Hubris Token What is HubrisOne? The Target Market & Demand Here's the Technology We're Integrating Summary of HubrisOne Features HubrisOne Ecosystem: Summary HubrisOne Ecosystem Explained Revenue Model The Team & Advisors Token Sale Details: Metrics Token Sale Details: Tokenisation Token Sale Details: Token Sale Proceeds Token Sale Details: Pre-Sale Token Sale Details: Main Sale The Timeline So Far Bank Accounts, Cryptocurrency Wallets, Crypto-Lending & Wealth Regulation & Licences FCA E-Money licence rails secured through our UK partner. This means we will be regulated by the FCA as an authorised Electronic money issuer upon launch. Strategic Partners
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