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  1. WEBSITE | TELEGRAM | MEDIUM | WHITEPAPER | DEMO What is the fundamental problem that APO is solving? Today there is no way to short Bitcoin or any other crypto-currency. The APO platform provides a platform for buying options on crypto-currencies, both long and short! The fact is that cryptocurrencies do not correlate with one other and are not tied to fiat money. Therefore, it is impossible to make a tool for selling short similar to what currently exists on the market. Every attempt to create options and futures for crypto-currencies on centralized exchanges led to high collateral for futures (80-100% of the price of the crypto-currency itself), or very high premiums for options which render these instruments impractical. The root cause of these problems is the fact that sellers (those who write options) cannot hedge their risk. Why is solving this problem so important? Lack of instruments such as options and futures makes the market extremely vulnerable to fluctuations, (based on news or market manipulation) because participants have no way to hedge against falling prices. The crypto-currency market is what’s called “an incomplete market” – for us it was of high interest to solve this type of problem and create a tool that does not violate the principles of the crypto-currency community. Who benefits from this solution? The addition of a derivative crypto-currency instrument with a guarantee of payment on expiration date benefits all participants. For example: Miners can insure against the risk of depreciation in order to maintain profitability Individual traders can use options to speculate on falling, as well as rising, prices Companies conducting ICOs can protect the cryptocurrency value raised during the ICO so that it will not be diminished by price fluctuation when they need to convert it to fiat money How is this solution unique? This is a unique tool developed by the team conducting the ICO Part of a blockchain network in the form of smart contracts There is no need for option sellers Does not require collateral What does it mean for the cryptocurrency market? The creation of derivative instruments is a huge step forward for the crypto-currency market. They affect the nature of the market itself, providing stability and help further growth. Article about Reverse Parimutuel on MEDIUM General description The APO platform allows participants to trade derivative instruments (options) without collateral and without risk of non-payment, unlike a centralized exchange. The platform automatically creates a smart contract for the auction, which lasts until the expiration date, and terminates after making payments to participants The platform operates without option sellers APO does not act as an organizer of these auctions, but performs the functions of developing, maintaining and upgrading the source code Over the years, crypto-currencies have proven their worth, and in the future, perhaps many of the world's financial systems will be built on top of them. Now, the time has come for derivatives on cryptocurrencies to strengthen and stabilize the market. The premium for such options is significantly lower than the payout in case of a win! What do we have? A mathematical model of the idea implemented in program code A ready-made auction prototype - it is presented on the website as a working model for calculating premiums Specialists in the field of blockchain technology and server-side programming DEMO VIDEO ABOUT Tokens sale Name: APO Start: April 25, 2018, 10:00:00 am End: May 23, 2018, 9:59:59 am Acceptable currencies: ETH Tokens exchange rate: 1 ETH = 15,000 APO Minimum transaction amount: 0.1 ETH Soft cap: $3mln ~ 6,000 ETH Hard cap: $7mln ~ 14,000 ETH If by the end of the sale the soft cap is not reached, each and every investor will get their money back. Token Distribution 40% - ICO 25% - Reserve (locked for 12 month) 20% - Team (locked for 12 month) 10% - Private Investors 5% - Bounty Functions of tokens To provide the financing for development and marketing of the platform Gives the holder the right to receive a percentage of commission collected by the platform Discount: 1st Week - 25% Bonus 2nd Week - 15% Bonus 3rd Week - 5% Bonus 4th Week - 0% Bonus Team: Telegram | Slack | Twitter | Reddit
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