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    Our main target is satisfy our customers with good quality and support. Following our plan everyday we will reach new generation of smart network. We are focusing to help you with easy, fast and safe payments. Great discounts will wait you in petshops if you are using ITIS.NETWORK payment system. Staying will us you will be a part of charity program for pet shelters. We have contacted already the pet shops and pet shelters, presented them our concept which gave us positive feedback's. Pet shelters will be provided with charity addresses which can be easily tracked. Part of DevFee always will be transferring on their addresses. As a result our network will be widely used and grow fast. Your ITIS.NETWORK team. WEB SITE | DISCORD |TWITTER |FACEBOOK| MN Setup guide| [iurl=#]BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER[/iurl] Coming soon ITIS.NETWORK pool on GOS.CX http://gos.cx -a quark -o stratum+tcp://stratum.gos.cx:4035 -u Wallet -p c=ITIS ITIS.NETWORK Robocop Mining Pool https://robocop.online/ will be available at 17:00 UTC, 15 April. Ready to launch! -a quark -o stratum+tcp://robocop.online:4033 -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> new ITIS.NETWORK pool on poolovich.pro http://poolovich.pro Low fee 0.5%, dedicated powerfull server, Super stable connection. Baikal's owners and others are welcome. DDoS Protection -a quark -o stratum+tcp://pool.poolovich.pro:4032 -u YOUR_WALLET -p c=ITIS Choose your platform: [iurl=#][/iurl] Translation bounty is 50 ITIS Discord invites: 1st Place = 2000 ITIS 2nd Place = 1000 ITIS 3rd Place = 500 ITIS 4th Place = 250 ITIS 5-15 Places = 100 ITIS To get airdrop bonus, you can make simply next steps: 1. - Repost our ANN to the other mining forums. Your post must be live till the end of the second pre-sale. Then you will get reward in amount 50 ITIS. 2. - You should subscribe or like our Facebook page, repost our publication ( post should be live till the end of second pre-sale, you should have more than 50 friends) and join our Discord Server. Then you will receive 20 ITIS. Airdrop starting 16 April 07:00 UTC. The rewards will be paid after second pre-sale. ############################# WEB SITE | DISCORD |TWITTER |FACEBOOK| MN Setup guide| [iurl=#]BLOCKCHAIN EXPLORER[/iurl] BSOD.PW supports ITIS.Network Welcome to the world of happy mining! https//bsod.pw Europe (alternative: eu1 - eu5) North America: Asia: NiceHash port: 12234 Be wise. Make profit. Your bsod.pw team. -a quark -o stratum+tcp://pool.bsod.pw:2234 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p c=ITIS -a quark -o stratum+tcp://us1.bsod.pw:2234 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p c=ITIS -a quark -o stratum+tcp://asia1.bsod.pw:2234 -u YOURWALLETADDRESS.rigname -p c=ITIS
  2. Добрый день. Вышла новая монета Nibex Cash на гибритном алгоритмне х11 Спецификация:Алгоритм: X11ТИП: POW + POS + MasternodesВремя блока: 120 SecondsМинимальный возраст монет для ПОСа: 12 часовПоследний ПОВ блок: 1000Награды: Masternode reward - 80%, POS - 20%Максимум монет: 90 000 000 Монет для поднятия мастерноды нужно: 5000Премайн: 500 000 Дискорд канал| эксплорер | сайт|
  3. Рад представить Вам новую монету Bravo COIN. Характеристики: Алгоритм : x11 (только для премайна)Абривиатура : BRVТИП : POS (Proof of Stake) / MNМакс колличество : infinite Время блока : 60 secНаграды мастерноды : 10,000BRV (30% 40% POS / 70% 60% MN)Премайн : 1,000,000 BRV (50% на рекламу и листинг, 50% аирдроп и награды) Блоки Block 1 = pre-mine2 - 1200 = 2BRV (1day)1201 - 43200 = 200 BRV (30day)43201 - 129,600 = 180 BRV (90day, 3m)129,601 - 259,200 = 150 BRV (180day, 6m)259,201 - 388,800 = 120 BRV (270day, 9m)388,801 - 525,600 = 100 BRV (365day, 1year)525,601 - 784,800 = 80 BRV (1y 6m)784,801 - 1,051,200 = 50 BRV (2y)1,051,201 - inf = 30 BRV Кошельки: Windows Wallet : https://github.com/bravocoindev/bravo/files/1839403/windows.zipLinux Wallet : https://github.com/bravocoindev/bravo/files/1839405/linux.zip Обратная связь: Join Discord: https://discord.gg/8ZUyGzX Github link : https://github.com/bravocoindev/bravo Website : http://bravocoin.online/ Join Discord: https://discord.gg/ATQvrprWebsite : http://bravocoin.online/
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