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i want to share my view about blockchain and cryptocurrency to you

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Streamr datacoin - Never-ending data and applications

Streamr Vision Streamr provides never-ending data to never-ending applications. It is the real-time data backbone of the global supercomputer. It is a datacoin token-operated, decentralized, scalable, low-latency, data-unbreakable, and sustainable network. Anyone can publish new data to a data stream. Streamr provides a decentralized solution for messaging and event handling Streamr smart contract Many Ethereum smart contracts support the operation of the Streamr network and data markets. The Streamr network uses smart contracts for incentives, coordination, permissions, and integrity checks. The data market is built on the data licensing and profitability functions provided by the network. Streamr is part of the computing revolution where monolithic solutions are being replaced by decentralized computing. Streamr price The dollar exchange rate for Streamr datacoin(data) rose by 4.56%. Streamr datacoin’s market value is US$47.77 million, and Streamr datacoin’s 24-hour trading volume is US$1.47 million. In the past seven days, the exchange rate of the US dollar exchange rate Streamr datacoin has dropped by 43.4%. A Streamr token can currently be purchased on popular cryptocurrency exchanges (including Mercatox, BitForex, Bancor Network, and Ethfinex) for $0.069 or 0.00010104 BTC. Other cryptocurrency information The US dollar exchange rate for Tidex Token (TDX) rose by 3.98%. Tidex Token's market capitalization was $1.05 million, and Tidex Token's 24-hour trading volume was $12,653. In the past seven days, Tidex Token's exchange rate against the US dollar has fallen by 16%.   The dollar exchange rate for Bitsum (BSM) rose 37.62%. Bitsum's market capitalization is $400,000. Bitsum's 24-hour trading volume is $3,726. In the past seven days, Bitsum's exchange rate against the US dollar has fallen by 25.5%. The dollar exchange rate for the Legends Room (LGD) rose 3.69%. The market value of the Legends Room is $690,000, and the Legends Room's 24-hour trading volume is $2,618. Over the past seven days, the Legends Room's exchange rate against the US dollar has fallen by 19.05%.




Maybe you should know about bytecent

What is bytecent Bytecent is the first peer-to-peer reward network supported by the blockchain technology. The Bytecent network is a global consumer computer chain that runs special software to handle transactions automatically. Anyone who has a PC and an internet connection can participate in the Bytecent network. Consumers running Bytecent software receive Bytecent's processing transactions on a regular basis and help protect the Bytecent network. By using the CPU power of thousands of computers worldwide, bytecent can provide reward networks in more than 150 countries. Whether it is a smartphone application, an e-commerce website, desktop software or any other platform. Bytecent never expires and does not limit how many Bytecents you can accrue or spend. How to get the bytecent 1. Users who run the free Bytecent software can use the power of their CPU to help with transaction processing and gain Bytecent. 2. Similar to other reward platforms, users get free Bytecent rewards by completing various operations. 3. You can get the bytecent through the transaction on the Bittrex platform. 4. Partner Avanquest uses the Bytecent platform to provide instant cash rewards in its newly released AQ Rewards application. AQ Rewards leverages the speed, flexibility, and security of blockchain technology to distribute rewards to users using the Bytecent platform. Avanquest Software is the world's leading developer of consumer software and applications that provide users with a safer and more enjoyable experience. Bytecent Community Currently Bytecent community has no activity