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[ANN] GOLDELIM ICO - Free tokens

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Welcome to the GOL community where everyone has GOLD. Goldelim (GOL) is an e-currency backed by the power of gold, people and security. It is a peer-to-peer system of financial exchange. It is a decentralized system of transaction.

The purpose of creating Goldelim is to add value to the world of digital currencies. Goldelim has the value of Gold. It is a breakthrough in digital financial transaction to make payments more secured, fast, convenient and easily accessible by all in both urban and rural areas reaching the unbanked. Goldelim could be used for e-commerce businesses, private payment, donations and for all kinds of online financial transactions.The Goldelim is designed to be durable. It will be used by all people in all countries.

Visit here: https://goldelim.com/


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